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  China tells Donald Trump there is an 'international responsibility' to act over climate change

  巴黎气候协定:川普被中国教做人 reddit/world news




  While he did not mention the US or Donald Trump, Mr Li's comments were clearly addressed to Washington.

  I'm not a climate change denier, nor am I a Trump fan, I don't live in the US and I am not an American, but I can't understand why these news providers can't just report the news as is without a click-bait title.



  The Independent is absolutely notorious for using jumped-to conclusions or assumed innuendos as their headlines. It's a shame, since the articles are generally well written and pretty reasonable; the headlines are almost always misleading, though.


  jumped-to conclusions or assumed innuendos as their headlines. I wonder if this has anything to do with its popularity on this sub :o :o

  标题党带节奏不是很正常嘛,要不然怎么卖新闻 :O

  Anti-Trump news is the most reliable product in the entire economy these days.


  Sure. Trump could make a typo on Twitter, refuse to own it, and it'd dominate the news cycle in the western world for 24hrs.

  I'm not a Trump fan by any measure, but the number of people that think he's going down in flames simply because of the headlines inside this filter bubble is insane.

  It's fairly clear that these media outlets have learned to cater to anti-Trump people the same way that Brietbart and Fox cater to right-wing media consumers.

  If you want to actually follow the news now, you need to visit 5 different sources and put it together like a goddamned jigsaw puzzle, otherwise you're very likely missing a good part of the bigger picture...


  AKA "Doing your own research and coming to your own conclusions, rather than taking prompts to pick up a pitchfork, because that's all the fucking media is anymore".


  Precisely. At some point it became an unreasonable expectation that news outlets deliver the news without pre-writing it to appeal to a specific ideological group.

  Your point is made well though - anyone who actually gives a shit should already be doing this sort of research and fact checking.

  IMO this isn't a news problem or an ideological problem, it's a cultural/economic problem. If news outlets existed only to provide the news in a fair and unbiased way, they'd die in the current media environment because they'd inevitably piss off everyone at one point... By selecting for a specific ideological group and writing to the tastes of those readers, they have found a foothold that may allow them to generate enough revenue to continue existing.


  If you want to actually follow the news now, you need to visit 5 different sources and put it together like a goddamned jigsaw puzzle, otherwise you're very likely missing a good part of the bigger picture...

  That's how it's always been.


  I remember a time where I could legitimately cite CNN for non political pieces. It used to be relegated to the political and opinion areas up until the early 2000's for most of the major news providers. Can't even do that in good conscience now.


  "Fighting climate change is a global consensus, it's not invented by China"

  It's pretty obvious who these comments are aimed at


  Yeah in this case I don't think they had to jump far.



  It's pretty sad that over 5,000 people are upset that an obvious, totally indisputable fact was stated out loud. The telegraph is a tabloid, but this title isn't even slightly off or misleading.


  Nobody honestly reading his statements could say he wasn't addressing them to Trump, the only world leader who is considering pulling out of the agreement. Given that, how is the title inaccurate? It would be far more misleading and provide less useful information if they didn't read between the lines to the clearly intended meaning.

  News outlets have to provide context, because if you didn't know anything about the context here the whole "not invented by China line" doesn't mean anything to you. Anyone who understands the context knows that's a reference to Trump given his statements on global warming being invented by the Chinese. There's a difference between click bait spin and providing necessary context to a story.


  China doesn't call people out directly usually, the title isn't far off. Now independent makes sensational headlines, just people complaining about this one need to calm down because the title actually does summarize what was said. China got as close as possible to saying Trump without saying his name.


  This statement is absolutely addressed at Trump-- he's the one fighting the bill. Mr. Li was only being respectful by not saying Trump's name; when the article says it's "addressed to Washington", that means the president.


  You have to understand how China communicates politics with the world. It's never direct and it needs to be interpreted and contextualized to make sense for you and me.